Super Primrose – 1300mg (120 Softgels)


This premium supplement from Aitnaturals promotes total body wellness from within. Containing 1300mg of super primrose oil and saw palmetto extract per serving, it supports skin, heart, joint and immune health while enhancing moisture and elasticity. As primrose nourishes skin and tissues, saw palmetto supports prostate health as recommended by local standards. Together in a non-GMO formula, they relieve pain and inflammation for flexibility and strength. Digestion and circulation also benefit. Free of gluten and common allergens, just one softgel daily provides natural anti-aging with omega fatty acids and plant-based nutrients. Suitable for men and women, Aitnaturals Super Primrose is certified halal by UAE authorities for purity and potency.

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  • PROMOTE WHOLE BODY WELLNESS: This premium supplement supports skin, heart, joints and digestion with 1300mg of pure primrose oil extract plus saw palmetto in each softgel to nourish skin and support immune function.
  • MOISTURIZE AND NOURISH SKIN: Primrose oil’s gamma linolenic acid and antioxidants moisturize skin and reduce signs of aging for a youthful complexion while saw palmetto extract promotes skin clarity.
  • RELIEVE PAIN AND INFLAMMATION: The primrose and saw palmetto combination helps relieve joint and muscle pain associated with inflammation or minor injuries through anti-inflammatory effects.
  • SUPPORT BONE AND NERVE HEALTH: Regular intake may help maintain bone density and support nerve function for mobility as we age by improving circulation of key nutrients through the body.
  • PURE AND NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Free from GMOs, gluten and other allergens, each vegetarian softgel capsule provides premium nutrition and wellness support using only the purest natural ingredients suitable for Halal diets.
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