Castor Oil for Eyelashes & Hair Growth, 60ml


BROW AND LASH BONANZA: Tired of lackluster brows and lashes? Look no further than ait naturals castor oil for your eyebrow and eyelash transformation. We totally get your craving for those lush brows and lengthy lashes. Guess what?
THE PURITY POWERHOUSE: At ait naturals, our castor oil is the real deal, sourced 100% from pure castor plants. We’ve had our expert squad put it through rigorous testing – no funny business or harmful additives here. We’re all about your well-being and meticulously craft each product. Dive into the world of premium cold-pressed castor oil and start your journey to brow and lash greatness.
BROW AND LASH TLC: WISHING you had bolder brows to complement your eye game? Longing for those enviable lashes? Look no further than ait naturals castor oil. This liquid gold is renowned for turbocharging hair growth, especially when it comes to those gorgeous lashes and brows.

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Ait Naturals: where luxury meets nature. Our handpicked collection celebrates your natural beauty guided by our motto to unveil your beauty. Packed with carefully chosen ingredients, our products elevate your skincare routine like a pro. We’re committed to sustainability and harmonizing beauty without any side effects. Find essentials for all skin types. Join us and witness your own transformation.


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