Saw Palmetto Extract – 3200mg


This supplement from Aitnaturals supports prostate and urinary health using saw palmetto extract. Containing 3200mg of saw palmetto in each bottle, these 90 softgels can be easily taken once or twice daily to maintain a healthy prostate and urinary tract. The all-natural extract is also known to promote hair growth and hormone balance while preventing acne and strengthening weak hair follicles. As an added benefit, saw palmetto may reduce excess sebum production and refine pores for clearer, less oily skin. Manufactured in facilities that are GMO and gluten-free certified, each softgel capsule is free from unnecessary additives and delivered a potent yet gentle dose of saw palmetto berry extract to support your health and wellness from within.

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  • Powerful Formula: Each softgel contains 3200mg of high potency Saw Palmetto extract to support prostate health, hormone balance and hair growth.
  • Multiple Benefits: In addition to prostate support, it may help prevent acne by regulating oil production, strengthen weak hair follicles and soothe urinary discomfort.
  • Purity You Can Trust: Made with non-GMO ingredients and free from gluten, soy and artificial colors/flavors for maximum safety and effectiveness.
  • 90 Day Supply: Get 3 months of herbal support from a single bottle containing 90 vegetarian softgels for consistent, daily results.
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